Love for Downton

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"People in distress behave in a stressful way. They aren’t all sweetness and light. And it makes for a much more interesting story than everyone turning into saints or villains"
- Penelope Wilton (on Isobel Crawley)

Well said <3

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Downton Abbey Meme (x)

(1/4) locations: Servants bedrooms

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Whoever pranked DOWNTON ABBEY RPG for April Fool’s Day - I love you and you’re brilliant!  

Read them here: Matthew Crawley’s Ghost, Isis Crawley, Apollo the Adorable, Sir Sidney Von Nutter

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My next avatar at DARP, I think…Have I used this one before? Hrm.

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Happy Birthday DARP!

No shame here.

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2013 Christmas Special, or Two Countries Divided by a Common Language (x)

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Downton Abbey Meme (x)

[3/3 quotes] The business of life is the acquisition of memories.

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April 1912 - The sun is rising behind Downton Abbey, a great and splendid house in a great and splendid park. So secure does it appear that it seems as if the way of life it represents will last for another thousand years. It won’t.

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Joanne Froggatt for Mail on Sunday’s YOU Magazine |  September 2013


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Oh Dan…you big jerk.

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